***LIVE SHOW VIDEO FOOTAGE*** iRon Lion performs hot original reggae songs!

Often times as working musicians/artists we get caught up in music and the rat race so deep that we forget to express ourselves from an original standpoint.However,in January and February I was blessed to do some shows with my bredren from VA and it was nice for that reason!Not only did we big up the king Bob Marley but we shared some original music with our hometown family and friends!

These video clips captures the vibes in Staunton where we dropped into some original material like “Reggae Party”,a hot reggae-rock club song which has exposure on international platform Reggaeville and “Good Time” aka “I don’t wanna hurt u girl”,a crowd favorite which features Lefty Luke on vocals also!Hand-crafted lovers lyrics promising to never hurt the girl of your dreams,with a bouncey reggae riddim,this song is rising in online & live popularity daily!A video is in our future plans as well as more live dates!

Check both videos out and leave us a comment on your thoughts and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the IRON LION WORLD YOUTUBE channel,as we’ll be bringing more footage to you courtesy of I Vizion Films and friends!Also,let us know where you’re at and we’ll try our best to come perform in your area if you wish!Til then,blaze it!

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iRon Lion’s “King of King’s” single on international platform Reggaeville

iRon Lion’s Reggae Party cd which won the 2016 Virginia Reggae Award boasts a hot single on international reggae platform Reggaeville’s/Soundcloud site.Thanks to the songs producer StableRoots Productions Chris Whitley who toured the world with Culture in their glory days,the link was made w/ Reggaeville and the song’s following has been growing ever since!The lead single off the 10 track cd which features no samples,it praises the Rastafarian God, Haille Selassie I,the King of Ethiopia.Reminiscent of Bob Marley’s “Give Thanks and Praise” or Peter Tosh’s “Rastafari Is”,this song is bound to grow as an anthem with Rasta’s worldwide!A lyric video is in the plans to support the song further and it is available on all digital media outlets for download!Follow iRon Lion at http://www.ironlionworld.com #ReggaePartyCD #KingOfKings #iRonLion #ironlionworld #Reggaeville #Soundcloud


Listen to “King of Kings” courtesy of Reggaeville and Soundcloud here:

iLW’s Marley weekend shows a blast!

Last Friday and Saturday reggae artist & band leader,(that’s me of course)iRon Lion,paid tribute to the king Bob Marley with a few shows in Virginia!First off was The Hoff Building in RVA!Big ups to Peter LeBlanc and the staff for a sweet night which featured iRon Lion(keys/vox) & D.C. veteran Shango Roots(bass/vox) sharing vocal duties!Knotty Lionz musicians for the evening Trevor P. and Luke Burket blessed the house with hardcore drum and guitar sounds as well as the hot single “Hurt U Girl” by iRon Lion & Luke B. which is a crowd favorite!Requests for a download site for it and more live performances have been tremendous!

Saturday was no different as the 3 reggae amigos pulled up in Staunton,Va. @Downtown27 aka The Clocktower w/ special hip hop guest Quiet Asassin on board and w/ a surprise guest,David,from Crowned Anbessa(Va Beach)  blazing the bass with his Victor Wooten and Family Man mixed type of playing!The 4 sounded sweet all night as pointed out by plenty of ticket buying fans in attendance and also the soundman Boris!Once again,”Hurt U Girl” dominated the show as people tend to love it when iRon Lion and Luke bring their sweet harmony and unity to the stage!Other songs that stood out were a cover of “Stand by me”,originals like “Papaya” & “Feels so good” and a blazing opening performance of “Reggae Party”!


Look forward to more from this lineup as these bredren represent Virginia/east coast reggae to the fullest!Recent talks about a Florida and a west coast tour have been mentioned!


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iRon Lion & Ras Greg -“Journey 4 Love” promo


iRon Lion and Ras Greg toured the east coast in the late 90’s with Virginia’s Stable Roots Reggae band.As time moved on they both set out to establish their own identities and have created their own bands/brands,iRon Lion & TKLB and Ras Greg w/ GWP Reggae Band,both representing east coast reggae from Virginia.

However,the two continue to record and perform together from time to time as noted by their 2009 joint label venture release,iRon Lion’s-Positive Vibration cd,done at Greg’s Zion Gates Studios,Harrisonburg,Virginia.Fast forward to more recent singles produced by former band mate Chris Whitley of Stable Roots Productions who promotes through international channel Reggaeville and you’ll find they have both been successful worldwide also.iRon Lion’s “Reggae Party” cd had over 10K streams in it’s first month and Ras Greg’s “Coming from the Top” single hit hard also!

Anytime these two are in the house together you can expect a sweet soulful reggae experience

Together or apart,they can be there to serve you a fresh batch of classic and original reggae music to better your event!

For more info on booking iRon Lion contact: ironlionworld@gmail.com

For more info on booking Ras Greg contact gwpreggae@gmail.com

To book both together contact both booking companies!

Nuff respect!

757 Reggae Xplozion themed “Domestic Violence Awareness” showcase for Oct 2018 event!

Bless up mi lionz,I’m very happy to be heading to Virginia Beach this Sunday for the return of 757 Reggae Xplozion,a music concert series founded by my non-profit GRO Love Foundation,which aims to do positive works in the world!

I linked up with bredda Joe Kelly(LilynBloomStudios) and West Beach Tavern as well as Sister Isheba(Caribbean People’s Org) and bredda Priest of Forever Loving Memories so we could move forward as we have discussed for years,furthuring good works in the area/world!

We will be coming together for a night of sweet reggae music featuring the 757-Jah-Love reggae band debut w/ performances from various volunteer reggae artists/musicians as we open with a nyabinghi session praising Jah and biggin up Peter Tosh in his bearthday month.All are welcome to bring their hand drums/horns(keep it light though.)


Tix are available at http://www.ironlionworld.com and a portion of the proceeds will benefit GRO Love Foundation and The Caribbean People’s Organization!We will also be accepting canned good’s and winter clothing for the GRO L.O.V.E. Foundation’s “Our City Loves Your City” homelessness awareness program/assistance drive which consists of one city raising goods and shipping to another city under the love banner!A friendly competition for a good cause!


Yo,mi lionz,all good things come to those who wait and I’ve waited a VERY long time for these reggae music movements to make sense!Those that are living for the sake of vanity and material things will be exposed in these times!The times are as serious as ever and righteous souls are uniting to fix ourselves from within,our families and our communities!I give thanks for life and the ability to work and progress with you!One Life,I pray I see you Sunday!


Re:Don’t ask what life can do for you,ask what can you do for your self,family,country and this beautiful creation that allows you to exist in it!    -iRon Lion

Ziggy Marley/Steele Pulse/Innsbrook Pavilion(RVA) no disappointment,share LOVE in VIRGINIA!

I bought my tickets a few months back!My wife’s birthday was coming up and I needed a good gift.She hadn’t been to a big outdoors reggae show like this,believe it or not,in a long time and for her if at all.We are always travelling,performing in small venues,playing our role in the scheme of things!I knew this would be a great opportunity to introduce her to reggae on a next level,other than Wailers indoors concerts.Happy Birthday love,once again!Thanks for going!These tickets would play a key role in our rekindling our relationship fire as we had been going through some things lately!

So we headed to RVA(that’s Richmond,Virginia for you outsiders,just kidding) Wednesday morning with precaution due to the storm that was threatening the east coast,but as we got near the venue,I began to think to myself,wouldn’t Babylon media want to do things to hurt this movement?Suddenly I began to feel less threatened by the “FAKE NEWS” that had millions of people racing from their east coast homes to find safe quarters from a disasterous hurricane supposedy tearing up the east coast!!Voila,REGGAE WILL BE JAMMIN’!!!Faith in tact,Selassie I

My first time at Innsbrook Pavilion(I thought),was a nice experience.We headed into the parking lot and became a little confused as it was not much traffic one hour before the gates opened!The parking attendant,who we ended up laughing and joking with us about having a beer while on the job during the concert,was a warm,friendly & kind older gentleman!He swore he wouldn’t but I’m not to sure if he didn’t have a little something stashed for this irie occassion!

In no time we parked right near the entrance gate and in no time the line started to grow quickly.First 10,then 20,then,30,so we knew it was time to jump out and get in line ourselves,we therefore tightened up our chairs and things and jumped in line also,into what felt like 110 degrees and the sun beaming directly on our rasses,whew was it hot!Thank Jah and Innsbrook that we didn’t have to endure it long,after listening to Steele Pulse soundcheck during this whole time(everybody outside the gate),within 30 mins it seemed they began letting us through the gate!YES! Immediately to my left I saw the merch tables for Ziggy and Pulse,looking very tempting!We proceeded to get our drink tickets and passed the food vendors to our liking!Plenty of options!

As we approached the grassy area we would watch the concert from,it began to hit me,”oh I’ve been here,yeah I see the tour buses over there,I remember my mystical meeting with Burning Spear over there,while attending a concert of his with my RVA based band at the time The Razor Posse/Stable Roots,We were backstage that day and Spear walked up beside me immediately before he took the stage,he just appeared out of no where,stood beside me,turned looked at me and smiled and headed up the stage steps.From then on I was hooked as a reggae singer and knew what I’d be doing the rest of my life! I wish I knew who has my tee shirt from that magnificent night,so much memoribilla gone through my years of touring,setbacks and grinding! #facts Welcome back to Innsbrook,wow!

Moving forward,we sat our chairs down in what would be our final concert seat  location,as the crowd began to fill in behind us!A few drinks later,all I know is I was in heaven on earth!Thanks drink guy,geesh! Ready for reggae! After a quick announcement form a local radio personality whose name I didn’t catch,we waited 10 more minutes for Steele Pulse to take the stage,I think everyone was thinking,OMG,why did she announce them and they are not coming on?Then suddenly,the rain came down like a thief in the night,so people scattered!I found a safe haven for me and my queen under a tree which was very romantic actually!We chilled there until people sighted us and started to join in!Finally the rain did pass over and it was time for reggae music again!

Steele Pulse came out and set the tone.I could tell immediately with the nature of politics today,that David Hinds was in his element,using reggae as a platform to address real issues going on today!It was beautiful to see reggae,Steele Pulse and RVA have a conscious reggae party!Steele Pulse was fabulous,all of them,every drop,every note,every verse,so clear and so important!So much energy,dancing and positive vibes,it was a great opening appearance for the kings son!I big up Steele Pulse in every way!Pulling from their old catalog yet making it feel current with mixes and guest appearances,they didn’t miss a beat! Nuff raspex!     fave song: “Life without music!”

As the crowd began to build so did some vibes of course!We had to endure a sister who was determined to barge her way in front of everyone and be mouthy about it.We all just kind of ignored her until she stopped,I guess she was that one person who ended up at a reggae concert but didn’t know it was about positivity.Hopefully she left with new good vibes because Ziggy Marley made it very clear from the start that “We are the people”!

The vibes when Ziggy came on,immediately made me feel like I was at a human rights convention amongst angels!As always when seeing Ziggy,for a brief moment I was in a daze and could feel Bob Marley’s presence!Pleasant!I was so happy to see the musicians from recent videos Ziggy travels with,doing their thing,I love them all!Song after song was fire and you could feel the rebellion rising!Once he did several of his own songs,he decided to drop “One Love” by his dad and the crowd went on an immediate higher height!We knew from then on it was all gonna be good.No more rain no more threat of a cancelled concert,nothing could stop this reggae stampede that had just hit RVA!Ziggy Marley is undeniably a true king of reggae music himself and never a disappointment!Jumping around and being jovial,etc. as always ,sporting  a healthy fit body at near 50 years old,he is a Rastaman still on a mission!One Love!  fave song: too many to name!

I have to say again,big ups Innsbrook Afterhours Pavilion,we’ll be back and I have a feeling it will be on your stage as iRon Lion & The Knotty Lionz Band!I look forward to more reggae and events period at your venue,it’s good to know we have you in VA!Respect!






Hello everybody,guess what, ISLAND VYBRATIONZ, the new current concert series project,started last night in Staunton,Va. @Downtown27.In case you hadn’t heard,lol.

No,but really,I’m very excited because everywhere we go people love this event!I’ll be touring this event for a while and will have monthly dates in various cities.Last night was exciting because it was near home and we don’t have a steady event like this,so it will be interesting if the support keeps us alive or not, but hey,we can only do our best to give it a shot,so iRon Lion and mi bredren from Va Beach along with Greg Ward set it off with some fun college music vibes.

It was  a slow turnout but the vibes felt great for those in attendance.We were even blessed to have Sister Molly from The Judy Chops drop in and share the stage with iRon Lion on a version of “Sorry”.No strangers to each other,we sounded great w/ David,Jimmy and Ras Greg backing us on instruments.It was good at home roots reggae vibes!   @TheJudyChops @Downtown27 @TheClockTowerTavern @GregWardProject

Look out for more fire from this crew.Big ups Jimmy and David who drove all the way from Virginia Beach to be with us!We’re looking forward to having their home group Crown Anbessa come bless us in Staunton also!  @CrownAnbessa

Riteous,who will be headlining the next date Thursday,Oct. 11,dropped in to check the vibes and the staff appreciated us!So,we look forward to keeping the vibes alive @Downtown27!    @RiteousFriendzBand

Home of famous musicians known as The Statler Bros. and also home of The R.E. Lee “Fighting Leemen” who have dominated Virginia high school basketball for many years(AA),Staunton is  a beautiful little town in the western hills of VA.Best known as the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson but we’re gonna add to that legacy starting last night.

A portion of the proceeds from “Island Vybrationz” @Downtown27 will be donated to The Staunton Library where ILW & GRO LOVE FOUNDATION will be hosting a re-curring non-profit class for youths interested in music and business development!

One Love massive,watch out for ILW Island Vybrationz coming to a city near you!Reggae,hip hop,country,r&b,just one big unity vybe everywhere we go!We’re bringing a love party,because more love is what we need,island style!




iRon Lion pays tribute to Marcus Garvey in Harlem,NYC w/ Rasta School performance/proposal!

In honour of Marcus Mosiah Garvey,iRon Lion & TKLB will be performing at The Shrine in Harlem,NYC,Sunday Aug.18,2018…

one day after we visit Newark,NJ for The One Love Music Fest! BTW HERE IS THE LINK FOR THAT FEST!!! NEWARK GONNA BE LIVE!!!                               https://www.eventbrite.com/e/one-love-caribbean-music-festival-tickets-26241272352


The last time I was in NY it was beautiful,we rocked Silvana,their sister venue!I’m looking forward to this return for many reasons,mainly the furthuring of the Rasta School project/campaign! Photo_1533650488137“Rasta School”,the song, has always been well received by reggae fans on and offline,I used to perform it with my band Stable Roots back in the 90’s when it was written.


(chorus)We need a Rasta School/with Rasta idren/learning Rasta/i n i story!

(v2)I n i are the roots you see?we come to ressurrect Jah tree/healing all of the nation/giving Jah people the right iducation!

They need to know bout Martin Luther King/they need to know bout Malcolm X/they need to know about MARCUS GARVEY/haven’t they listened to some Bob Marley?

We need a Rasta School…. 


if you haven’t heard it check it out at http://www.soundcloud.com/iron-lion it’s on the VRA winning Reggae Party cd from 2016!

It’s always a pleasure when you get to perform your songs in places and in front of crowds that have a true connection from where you were writing them,seen?


Any who,lol,1 love massive,I hope to see many of you at the show and some other upcoming  shows! Subscribe to the mail list at http://www.ironlionworld.com and keep reading my blog! RASPECT! ONE LIFE!ONE LOVE!

iRon Lion World’s BLOG back in action and D.C. is on the tour schedule!

Photo_1532455970354Greetings,well in this crazy world we live in today,we have to keep struggling until we reach our higher goals,three years later,I’m happy to say that the return of our blog with renewed understanding of life and blogging is a blessing indeed!We look forward to sharing some of our most passionate moments with you,from home and on the road,as well as sharing with you alot of our daily habits,hobbies,likes,desires,dissapointments,successes and so on!Without you,our Knotty Lionz family,we wouldn’t be able to travel the world and meet so many of you great people!Please continue to share our content with your friends and families so we can welcome them into the “Lion Pack” also!Also,be sure to leave comments because we don’t want to just hear ourselves,this is where we can connect with our fans and listen to what you want next so we can supply it!

On a side note,we are looking forward to more good vibes at Ivy City Smokehouse in D.C., a recent Thursday night performance location in the nations capitol we’ve added to our list of great venues! Peter does a great job booking quality acts and the staff and crowd is always top knotch.I feel the presence of Marvin Gaye’s spirit and many more D.C. natives like Chuck Brown,when I’m rocking there!Thank you D.C.,big ups to Washington City Paper also for the promo platform and my Knotty Lionz crew for the music!

Remember,Don’t give it up,Live it up!   -iRon Lion

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