***IRON LION presents the “2020 VA PHASE 3: ROOTS REGGAE ROAD TO RECOVERY- Social Distancing – ONE LOVE PARTY” showcase/series



7.25.20 – RICHMOND,VA.  @ Brambly Park    5pm

9.5.20 – HARRISONBURG,VA. @ Restless Moons Brewing   3pm


More dates & venues tba

***to book your venue contact ironlionworld@gmail.com


Cds,tees,stickers and merch from our store will be on hand at both shows or pre-order/donate now and help us get there by visiting www.ironlionworld.com 


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All iRon Lion proceeds donated to GRO L.O.V.E Co. 


757 Reggae Xplozion themed “Domestic Violence Awareness” showcase for Oct 2018 event!

Bless up mi lionz,I’m very happy to be heading to Virginia Beach this Sunday for the return of 757 Reggae Xplozion,a music concert series founded by my non-profit GRO Love Foundation,which aims to do positive works in the world!

I linked up with bredda Joe Kelly(LilynBloomStudios) and West Beach Tavern as well as Sister Isheba(Caribbean People’s Org) and bredda Priest of Forever Loving Memories so we could move forward as we have discussed for years,furthuring good works in the area/world!

We will be coming together for a night of sweet reggae music featuring the 757-Jah-Love reggae band debut w/ performances from various volunteer reggae artists/musicians as we open with a nyabinghi session praising Jah and biggin up Peter Tosh in his bearthday month.All are welcome to bring their hand drums/horns(keep it light though.)


Tix are available at http://www.ironlionworld.com and a portion of the proceeds will benefit GRO Love Foundation and The Caribbean People’s Organization!We will also be accepting canned good’s and winter clothing for the GRO L.O.V.E. Foundation’s “Our City Loves Your City” homelessness awareness program/assistance drive which consists of one city raising goods and shipping to another city under the love banner!A friendly competition for a good cause!


Yo,mi lionz,all good things come to those who wait and I’ve waited a VERY long time for these reggae music movements to make sense!Those that are living for the sake of vanity and material things will be exposed in these times!The times are as serious as ever and righteous souls are uniting to fix ourselves from within,our families and our communities!I give thanks for life and the ability to work and progress with you!One Life,I pray I see you Sunday!


Re:Don’t ask what life can do for you,ask what can you do for your self,family,country and this beautiful creation that allows you to exist in it!    -iRon Lion